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Every person’s home is his or her castle. It is true today as it was centuries ago. Keeping your house in order has been a ‘fixed’ life priority for every resident ever since. But while everyone considers domestic repairs and renovations important, not everyone has the availability or the capability to do it (that is, to do it correctly).

An average American with an office-based job has to spend at least 8 hours a day away from home from Monday to Friday. That leaves him or her weekends to spare. The amount of time a person can quarter for a weekend do-it-yourself (DIY) chore will depend on his or her lifestyle. Time constraint is an unavoidable reality.

For those who either have flexible careers or home-based jobs, time may not be a problem. But being available and knowing what to do are two completely different things. Even for some who knows a thing or two about being a handyman may lack the manpower to accomplish heavy-duty tasks.

Like every American homeowner, you may (at some point) run into problems in terms of time, skill, manpower, and even financial resources that are needed to ‘fortify your castle.’ But for every problem, there is always a solution. We are the solution!

For Your



Our enterprise offers reliable and flexible appointment schedules. In our effort to bring world-class service, one of the key things we guarantee is the availability of a good handyman in Portland, OR (and by that we mean anywhere in Portland).

The ability to provide urgent repair services is a policy we consider inviolable. This is why our customers can reach us 24/7 for the necessary work that is too dangerous to put off for the next several hours. We can always send someone who is only a few minutes away from your home.

Simply put it, we have a handyman anytime you need, anywhere you are. And by anytime, we don’t only mean emergency calls. Our clients can always book in advance for huge or special renovation projects. We always make sure to call the client the day before the appointed visit for confirmation.


We pride ourselves in providing the best handyman services in Portland. The most obvious reason for that is because we have the most competent and experienced professionals in our company. Key to our success comes from field specialization, certification, and outstanding ethical standards.

In layman’s term, a handyman is often understood as synonymous to ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ Through our sincere effort to strive for excellence, being a ‘master of none’ is something we consider unacceptable. Each handyman we send has a working knowledge of a specific problem in your home.

As proof of our service provider’s competence, we require that every handyman in our company has an updated skill set. You can pretty much expect someone who has earned a certificate of the latest training he or she attended. But given that most of our handymen perform excellently on the field, satisfied customers rarely ask for further credentials.


Repairs and renovations come in different scales. As it happens, large scale problems are not a one-person solution. There are home repairs that require multiple individual hands considering that some technical issues require ‘simultaneous operation.’

However, not everyone who needs additional manpower is simply short of muscle. Apart from the urgent need to repair large and intricate home infrastructure, it requires a team to realize renovation ideas at a fairly reasonable timeframe. We work hard and smart and it is worth mentioning in this context that two heads are better than one.

Whether you are talking about heavy workload or tight deadline, success comes down to having the right number. You need all the help you can get. So why would you ever settle for anything less? A better question yet, why else would you not work with us?


Not all companies would want to discuss cost at the risk of selling themselves short. But we want our customers to take note that we are not like other handyman services in Portland. In our goal to provide the world-class overall service, we make ways for our customers to feel that working with us is worth every penny spent.

Make no mistake: we don’t promote empty promises or misleading guarantees. Our company has a standard price for the kind of services you need. However, we always do our very best to promote the value of our client’s investment.

We offer great deals for customers as a return gesture for their esteemed patronage. Apart from limited discounts, we provide extra goods and services to those who wish to avail our membership contracts. In the spirit of true American entrepreneurship, we also sell cool merchandize and souvenirs.


Our pledge for providing the best service value simply comes is applicable through our transparency policy. Each handyman knows the boundaries and limitations of his or her contract. Your transaction is strictly confidential and we guarantee that our people in the field are not authorized to discuss payment terms or anything related to it.

Take note: you don’t pay our handyman directly and you can expect them to work promptly to your satisfaction. Yes, we strive to deliver excellence in a way that will change the client’s perspective or definition of a service fee.