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Portland is one of the most favorable cities in the West Coast, acquiring a steady influx of both foreign and domestic migrants. Is it the same for those who wish to invest in real estate?

Surprisingly, the forecast for rental property business is just as positive. In fact, Portland was rated 23 in terms of price-to-rent ratio – a metric used to determine the viability of real estate market. The 21 and above price-to-rent ratio indicates that it is better to be a renter/landlord than a homebuyer. Hence, landlords also fuel a steadier and more stable demand for handyman services in Portland.

Although we pretty much consider every client important, our company understands (and thrives) on the particular challenges of maintaining chartered homes. The rental property business can be very aggressive, and our world-class handyman can work with those who need the competitive edge.  

Internal & External Works Calendar

Our rental property repair and maintenance services also have similar dimensions with the basic internal and external works we offer to homeowners. But what makes this service category unique is that it follows a fixed (predictable) schedule.

In fact, we arrange a comprehensive package deal based largely on the routine maintenance calendar. Check out the timetable and the kind of handyman services we offer for each area of the rental property:

Weekly interior (per unit)

Weekly exterior

(rental grounds and/or common areas)

·         Window washing

·         Vacuum cleaning

·         Garbage removal

·         Room disinfection

·         Tree or shrub trimming

·         Lawn mowing

·         Debris removal (e.g. winter snow, autumn leaves)

·         Irrigation inspection

Monthly interior (per unit)

Monthly exterior

(rental grounds and/or common areas)

·         Electrical maintenance (e.g. light bulbs and power outlets)

·         Plumbing maintenance (e.g. sink and toilet unclogging)

·         Window checks and repairs

·         Wildlife inspection and control

·         Exterior lighting checks and repairs

·         Gutter checks and repairs

·         Paving and driveway checks and repairs

·         Retaining wall cleaning and repairs

Seasonal interior (per unit)

Seasonal exterior

(rental grounds and/or common areas)

·         Ventilation checks and repairs

·         Screen door checks and repairs

·         Storm window checks and repairs

·         Thermostat checks and repairs

·         Exterior plumbing checks and repairs (e.g. thawing frozen faucets)

·         Resetting of irrigation systems

Annual interior (per unit)

Annual exterior

(rental grounds and/or common areas)

·         Carpet cleaning

·         Dryer vent cleaning

·         Wall and ceiling repairs

·         Water heater draining

·         Heating systems checks and repairs

·         Security systems checks and repairs (e.g. smoke sensors, fire alarms, etc.)

·         Appliances checks and repairs

·         Garden mulching

·         Driveway and parking repairs

·         Tree and shrub trimming

·         Roof inspection and repairs

·         Pressure washing (deck and fences)

·         Fence inspection and repairs

·         Fireplace and chimney repairs

Tenant’s Right to Livable Space

The Oregon landlord-tenant law requires that every rental property owner must preserve the ‘habitable state’ of each tenant unit. Hence, landlords must provide the following basic necessities and conditions:

  • Heat
  • Working plumbing
  • Running water (hot and cold)
  • Safe drinking water
  • Safe and working energy (gas/electricity)
  • Light fixtures
  • Locks for interiors
  • Latches for windows
  • Effective weather protection
  • Sanitation (free of filth, garbage, and vermin)
  • Good structure (e.g. floors, walls, stairs, railings)
  • Working smoke detectors

Failure to do so will authorize tenants to cease paying their rent. The landlord is also required to provide necessary renovations should they choose to lease properties to tenants with special needs (e.g. senior citizens).