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The demand for handyman services is an unavoidable necessity for every American homeowner. This is more especially so in Portland, OR wherein the median property value is relatively higher than the average nationwide estimate. Hiring a handyman in Portland, OR is more than just a matter of practical convenience. It can be a sound investment.

There are two good reasons for hiring a handyman to do some tasks in your home: maintenance and renovation. But of all the available handyman services in Portland, there is only one reason for choosing us: your home is important and deserves nothing less than world-class service.

Our company specializes in a wide variety of basic interior works among these following areas of your house:

  • Lounge and Bedroom
    • Painting
    • Patching walls
    • Window repairs
    • Staircase repairs
    • Electrical outlet repairs
    • Fireplace cleaning
    • Furniture assembly
    • Installing fixtures (e.g. curtain rods)
  • Kitchen and Bathroom
    • Moving appliances
    • Faucet repairs
    • Garbage disposal repairs
    • Toilet unclogging
    • Shelf assembly (top and counter)
    • Installing fixtures (e.g. shower sprinkler)


An average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors. This fact is reinforced by the most basic principle of human existence: survival. Human beings can only withstand 3 to 4 hours without shelter in a harsh environment. Simply put it, the home interiors are meant to be a place of relative safety and comfort.

Here’s a fitting irony, however… Since most people spend a significant amount of time indoors, it is also the same exact place where they experience the most physical hazards. 

The National Safety Council estimated that roughly 53.6 percent of all injury-involved accidents occur at home. Fixing disrepairs and keeping one’s house clean (or more specifically, disaster-proof) is a matter of practical survival, especially in recent times when most people around the world ought to be confined indoors to stem the tide of COVID-19 pandemic.


These days, the efforts to maintain high level of comfort inside the house are commonplace that safety becomes the least of our concerns. When one thinks of home renovation, the most prevalent thought behind this enterprise is improving the aesthetic value.

Depending on homeowner’s relative concept of beauty, certain measures are taken to capture the ideal balance of space, color, and interior lighting (brightness). How the indoors assume its new look is pretty much a reflection of the owner’s cherished principles (both sentimental and pragmatic).

However, it is interesting to take note that people with home-based occupation prizes functionality over beauty when it comes to interior design. In this particular case, the home needs to be an efficient workplace – an area that both inspires innovative concepts and encourages more effort.

According to a study published by Forbes, incorporating natural elements in an office design improves work productivity by 15 percent. For those whose careers are built and shaped in the comfort of their homes, hiring a handyman to help capture the fusion of ergonomic space and wild/green motif has become a popular investment.