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The demand for handyman services is an unavoidable necessity for every American homeowner. This is more especially so in Portland, OR wherein the median property value is relatively higher than the average nationwide estimate. Hiring a handyman in Portland, OR is more than just a matter of practical convenience. It can be a sound investment.

There are two good reasons for hiring a handyman to do some tasks in your home: maintenance and renovation. But of all the available handyman services in Portland, there is only one reason for choosing us: your home is important and deserves nothing less than world-class service.

Our company specializes in a wide variety of basic interior works among these following areas of your house:

Lounge and Bedroom

Kitchen and Bathroom


One of the most practical reasons to hire a handyman who will assist homeowners with outdoor remodeling is the easier expansion of living space. When it comes to the ideal airflow and climate control, a densely packed home interior is neither safe nor comfortable.

Our personal needs expand along with our own growth. Not only do we tend to accumulate more things (e.g. old stuff), we also tend to add more people (e.g. guests) into our social circle. Having the space to provide for both is only logical (and inevitable).


When it comes to the general ratio of usable space between indoors and outdoors, the latter more often proved to be less utilized. It deserved to be more than just an empty space between the four walls and the fence around it.

If one has to consider the fact that some careers are built and cultivated at home, having an additional utilitarian outbuilding is easier and safer than ‘restructuring’ your main house. Why rent an office space when you can simply fashion one at your backyard?


Remodeling your outdoors can both increase your home value. Since most Oregonian homes are highly accessible (just a walking distance) and aesthetic (being close to nature), eco-friendly modifications can easily transform your home into a real estate fortune.

Most outdoor disrepairs (e.g. weeds, cracked roadside, etc) are a result of long-term neglect and they can cause more serious safety issues. In other words, it is more affordable to regularly hire handyman services in Portland for maintenance than to hire him or her once for a very complicated and high-risk emergency restoration.

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