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We aim to become the leading provider of handyman services in Portland. It is our desire to serve roughly 270,000 households in the city, either to help them increase their property’s value or simply provide the means to make lives more convenient.

We work around the clock to ensure that every homeowner and resident would not fall short of the needed extra hands for maintenance and remodeling. Our company aspires for world-class performance handyman services, covering a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor domestic projects (among many).


  • Excellence

    Staying true to our goal of providing world-class service means our handyman is capable of bringing his or her best. It is important to understand that the pursuit of excellence is not only evident in the performance. We also uphold high standards in terms of character.
    While the typical handyman is often defined as someone skilled at doing small jobs, each of our very own handyman in Portland, OR holds the distinction of regarding household works with pride.

  • Cooperation

    Many highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals tend to do things their way given the right direction. This is pretty much the standard way of doing things. Our company has a unique approach that makes it a delight for clients who hire us.
    We always want prospective clients to “work with us.” In other words, we strive to be engaging and cooperative. It is in our best interest for the client to include his or her vision into the overall success of the handyman’s work – especially long-term projects like remodeling and major overhauls.

  • Transparency

    Our company believes in the principles of truth. World-class service should not be difficult to acquire for ordinary folks. The lack of clarity on crucial details (especially cost) is one of the few things that truly draws away good clients.
    We aim to do our very best to avoid such difficulty. Our clients are not just anonymous citizens who need our help. They are our partners, deserving of the most straightforward and trustworthy transactions.


In the spirit of cooperation and transparency, we are happy to impart useful guidelines that will make it easier for you to hire a handyman. Here are some of the pointers we gladly share.

On Costs

Never pay up front. Legit handyman services in Portland have an efficient payment process strictly within the limits of the service contract. Better yet, look or ask about warranties to get the most out of the deal.

On Details

Always take note of the overall scale of your task/project. Never skip on important details and always emphasize them in writing. Interior remodeling tasks (e.g. painting) require your vision if you want things to turn out exactly to your preference.
Contractors usually assess the overall work strictly in terms of what is doable. As for what is ideal, the client’s judgment often provides the better direction.

On Licenses

Make sure your handyman is licensed and insured. This removes the liability from you should anything not be done up to a satisfactory standard.

On Permits

All manner of construction and improvements on residential buildings are subject of the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. It pays to know the necessary permit for any of the 17 project types.

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